Spain 72 Asociación centro de investigación cooperativa en Biociencias-CIC, bioGUNE, Spain

  • Prof. Jesus Jimenez-Barbero, Structural Biology Unit (laboratory 10) and NMR facility at CIC bioGUNE
    Jesus Jimenez Barbero - TOLLerant Project
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  • PhD Student Helena Coelho
    Helena Coelho - TOLLerant - bioGUNE
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PI: Prof. Jesus Jimenez Barbero

Project Title: TLR4 modulation: molecular recognition studies and drug design by molecular modelling.

Objectives: Formation of an ESR with solid bases of NMR methods and applications in molecular recognition chemistry, stage in industry.
NMR-based studies of the molecular recognition events involving TLR4 and its accessory proteins (LBP, CD14, MD-2). The ESR will be trained in state of the art methods in NMR spectroscopy and their applications in molecular recognition with extensive impact in both pharmaceutical industry and academia environments.