Spain 72 Asociación centro de investigación cooperativa en Biomateriales-CIC, biomaGUNE, Spain

  • PhD Student Giordano Traini
    Phone: +34 688 89 49 17

PI: Dr. Juan Mareque

Project Title: Nanofunctionalisation of TLR4 agonists and antagonists –Platforms for enhanced delivery with multimodal imaging tracking

Objectives: Training in nanoparticle-based drug delivery, 6 months training in industry.
The project aims to develop biocompatible (PLGA, gold and iron oxide nanoparticles) with synthetically defined sizes and shapes and a payload of new TLR4 agonists and antagonists. These nanoparticles will be simultaneously functionalised using self-assembly methods with an organic dye and gamma or positron emitting radionuclides. Some nanoparticles will be further functionalized with ligands actively targeting dendritic cell or macrophage-specific receptors. The goal is to modulate and optimize the in vivo activity of the TLR4 ligands, limiting toxicity. Multimodal imaging will be applied to assess pharmacokinetic properties and biological fate of the nanosystems, and to gain a fundamental understanding of biological and biochemical processes occurring in vivo.