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  • Dr. Gianni Mistrello, Laboratory of Research and Development.
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  • PhD Student Françoise BEVILLARD
    Phone: +393274655672

PI: Dr. Gianni Mistrello

Title: Single molecule, NP- and polymer-bound TLR4 agonists as new adjuvants for anti-allergic vaccines

Objectives: Training in pharmacology and industrial skills. Development of vaccine adjuvant based on new TLR4 agonists.
Expected Results: The adjuvant action of TLR4 agonists will be assessed by administrating single agonist molecules or molecules bound to NP or polymers together with allergen (ovalbumin or recombinant/purified/chemically modified pollen allergens) to mice by subcutaneous route, according to properly adapted protocols. The level of specific IgG and IgE antibodies in sera will be evaluated. NP and polymer agonist formulations will be evaluated.