Germany 72 University of Bielefeld – UNIBI, Germany

  • PhD Student Gabriel Wang

PI: Prof. Thomas User

Project Title: Imaging and spectroscopy of antagonist-TLR4 interactions in situ and in vivo

Objectives: Training in microspcopy techniques, training in industry.
Imaging and evaluation of receptor-ligand interactions of fluorescently labelled compounds will be developed and utilized using super-resolution imaging and tracking to obtain data about association/dissociation rates and specificity. For small molecule compounds, where fluorescent labelled leads to inhibition of interactions, Raman-active groups (specifically incorporated alkynes, stable isotopes) will be used instead. For in-vivo imaging, the ESR will utilize existing 2-photon fluorescence microscopes and extend them to a spatial resolution of ~ 150 nm by structured illumination schemes. Similarly, coherent Raman imaging will be used for in-vivo identification of small molecule targets.