Belgium 72
VIB, Belgium
Technologiepark 927 Ghent 9052 BE.

  • PhD Student Aurora Holgado

PI: Prof. Rudi Beyaert

Project Title: Characterization of TLR4 modulators in cellular models and in mouse models of sepsis and ashtma.

Objectives: Training in cell and animal models, training in industry.
1) Effect of TLR4 modulators on TLR4-induced signalling and gene expression (in vitro culture of cell lines and primary cells, NF-κB and IRF-3 reporter assays, gene expression analysis by Q-PCR, bioassays, ELISA, Bio-Plex) ; 2) Analysis of the therapeutic effect of TLR4 antagonists in mouse models of sepsis and asthma (mouse handling, asthma model, immunological and histopathological assays). Additional secondments will provide a perspective of current protocols and possible synergies that can be exploited by the ESR for his/her future career.